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Ians Caravan Repairs
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Road worthy Brisbane
Roadworthy Brisbane
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Ian's Caravan & trailer repairs
Caravan & trailer RWC
RWC & Gas Certificate
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Ians Caravan & trailer repairs 
Mobile Caravan & trailer servicing
Queensland Brisbane
Road worthy Brisbane
Roadworthy Brisbane
Ian's caravan & Trailer repairs
Caravan & trailer RWC
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RWC & Gas Certificate
roadworthy certificateI am proud to announce an additional brand new dedicated Mobile Caravan & Trailer Service/ RWC & GAS Inspection vehicle operated by my son who is a Multi trade Qualified Automotive & GAS Trades Person to the Business, Welcome  Michael.
If you require Trailer or Caravan Servicing at your location Call Ian to discuss your requirements on 0400 023 330.
We Cover BOTH North & South Sides of Brisbane, Ipswich, Bayside and Gold & Sunshine Coasts.
A Typical Full Caravan service on a Single axle is $390 where as a dual axle is $490.
Here is a summary of the caravan service.
* Gas Inspection
* RWC Inspection
* Suspension Grease & Lube
* Brake De dust and Adjustment
* Wheel Bearing Clean and repack
* Replace inner Bearing seals
* Lube Corner Jacks
* Lube All Hinges
* Lube All locks
* Lube Jockey wheel
* Lube Hitch
* Inspect Chassis
* Inspect Tyres and pressures
* Written condition & operational Report
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