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Caravan Roadworthy & Gas Certificate
Caravan Safety & Gas Certificate
RWC Roadworthy and Gas Certificates
Caravan Roadworthy RWC & Gas Certificates
Caravan Safety & Gas Certificates


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Registration Transfers

caravan rwc & gas inspection

When transferring Queensland registration you will need to supply a current Caravan roadworthy and gas certificate to complete the transfer at Queensland transport .
I specialise in inspecting and issuing Caravan Safety certificates and gas certificates as a mobile service, that's correct I come to you and perform the inspections and issue the certificates on the spot.
Please ensure you have test run ALL gas appliances for at least five minutes.
Also check all the exterior lights including the STOP/ TAIL/ INDICTATOR /NUMBER PLATE/CLEARANCE MARKER.

Caravan Registration transfer in Queensland

when transferring QLD Rego you need a current RWC Safety Certificate and gas certificate.

Contact Ian on 0400023330 to make a booking for an inspection

HVRAS Certificate

Here I am using a height gauge to complete a HVRAS main roads Certificate measurement for registration.
The HVRAS certificate saves you taking your Caravan or trailer with an ATM over 750kgs to the Department of Transport to get it registered.
The HVRAS checks both dimensional and weight compliance per QLD Transport's specifications. 
So if you are registering an interstate or unregistered Caravan or trailer that weighs more than 750kgs a HVRAS certificate will save you presenting the vehicle at main roads. You just present the HVRAS along with your rego application, RWC and Gas certificates and your done.
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