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When Do I require a Safety (Roadworthy) Certificate?

  • If you are selling a registered Caravan/Trailer in Queensland
  • Transferring registration to a new owner
  • Transferring registration from another state to Queensland
  • Re-registering a unregistered Caravan/Trailer
  • Selling or transferring registration & your Caravan/Trailer is over 750 kgs you will require a Safety (Roadworthy) Certificate
  • If your Caravan/Trailer is fixed with a permanent plumbed gas system you will require a Gas Safety Certificate 

Who is responsible for obtaining a safety certificate?

It is the seller’s legal responsibility to provide the Safety (Roadworthy) RWC certificate and complete any roadworthy related repairs required before the certificate can be issued.

You should never be persuaded to get your own Safety (Roadworthy) RWC certificate, as any repairs needed to obtain the certificate will be at your cost

Requirements for Caravan/Trailer Safety Certificate

Lights (stop, tail and indicators) Must be working

Have a Registration Certificate or Renewal with the caravan

Wheels &Tyres, Brakes

Tow Couplings, Identification

body and chassis, Suspension

If the Caravan or Trailer complies then, the Safety Certificate is issued

What happens if my caravan doesn’t pass?

Queensland Transport allows you 14 days from inspection date to make good the repairs. Once the repairs are completed, we will reinspect the caravan, for a small fee. If the repairs are completed then the Safety Certificate will be issued.

Caravans & Trailers Safety Certificate

You do not require a Safety Certificate for your trailer if it is under 750 kgs

If the Trailer or Caravan is NOT currently Registered or Is registered in another state other than Queensland, you are required to supply a HVRAS Inspection Report

New Registration Application (F3520) Forms can be downloaded from Queensland Transport’s website

Caravan / RWC and Gas Safety Certificates

Caravan / Camper Trailer RWC and Gas Safety Certificate,

Caravan Safety / Roadworthy Certificate, Roadworthy & Gas Inspections or Mobile Caravan Service

We are a small family business that provide extremely prompt service to all of South East Queensland based business that performs thorough Mobile Safety (Roadworthy) Certificates, Gas Safety Certificates & HVRAS Inspections

We are a mobile inspection provider and are fully accredited, certified, qualified TMR, HVRAS Inspectors making registering your Caravan or Trailer in Queensland much easier. “We come to you” Ask about our discount price when combining a Mobile Caravan Safety RWC, Gas Certificate with a HVRAS,

Our services for mobile work offer from Brisbane North side the Sunshine Coast

  • Caravans
  • Camper Trailers
  • Boat Trailers
  • Car Trailers

Servicing Brisbane North side To the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Aspley, Chermside, Redcliffe, Morayfield, Caboolture, Bribie Island, Caloundra, Maroochydore, Buderim, Coolum, Beerwah, Nambour For Caravan Roadworthy and Gas Certificates

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